Every year in May, Dying Matters host an Awareness Week, giving people an unparalleled opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of talking about dying, death and bereavement.


In 2020, the theme is "Dying to be Heard".

To support this, we challenge you to participate in the following Daily Challenges over the next 5 days!

Challenge 1 - Choosing Your Funeral Playlist

Music is a fantastic way to approach what can be seen as a daunting conversation, even if it's just discussing pieces of music that are special to you, or that you would like to be remembered by.


Top tips:

-Start by making a list of your favourite artists or all-time favourite songs.

-Think about what genres of music best describe you... a mixture is fine!

-Narrow down the songs that mean the most to you, or capture your memories most.

-Match up what music fits the mood you would like your funeral to have, and what would fit different points of your funeral service.


Challenge 2 - Finding Creative Ways to Express Grief

Grief does not just happen after death, often grief can start a long time before hand, maybe when a loved one receives a terminal diagnosis, or when a part of the person you know and love has left because of dementia.


We need to find ways to understand and acknowledge our “anticipatory grief” or grief after death.

Talking helps, and sometimes when that is too difficult, learning to express yourself in a different more creative way is the next step forward.

In today's challenge, take some time out to explore your feelings.

Pick one activity that you can complete in order to express any feelings of grief you may feel, whether this is recent or not.

For example, you could:

- Draw or paint your favourite photograph of a loved one

- Write a letter or poem to express your emotions

- Bring out your old photos and create a collage to honour their life

- Sing their favourite songs

You could even create a Sand Mandala!

One of our Compassionate Companions did just that... Click to find out more!

Want to contact Chris? Click here.

Need to talk? Contact Suffolk Cruse Bereavement Care

Ipswich Contact Line: 01473 230888
Cruse National Helpline: 0808 808 1677

Challenge 3 - Play Marie Curie's Conversation Cards

Starting a conversation can be hard... so Marie Curie have created a free and downloadable set of Conversation Cards, to help you discuss topics that are often overlooked.

You can download them here.

Whether you play at home, over the phone or on a video call, dedicate an hour of your day to chat to your loved ones using a handful of these cards.


Challenge 4 - Tell Your Story


Today's challenge is to take the opportunity to talk about your life and memories.

This could be in a phone call, a video, a journal, or an audio recording.

We're spending a lot of time inside at the moment, communicating with loved ones via the telephone and online. If you're having a catch-up with family or friends, agree in advance to spend some time sharing your memories, with a way to capture them.

For example, you can record your family videochats to re-watch later, or somebody could take notes via a telephone call.

Think about the things you've done, places you've been to, and jobs you've had.

Tell the stories that make you laugh, and the moments that you will always be remembered by with a smile.

Challenge 5 - Focus On Living: Create Your Bucket List

Your Bucket List of 'Things to do before I die' can be as big or small as you like.

For example, there may be a city you would love to visit, or you might have always wanted to go Skydiving!

In some cases, your bucket list might be learning to play an instrument.

Discussing your bucket list with friends and family can be a fun conversation - and a great way to plan the future with your loved ones... or alone!


When we're out and about again, join us at one of our events and get involved!

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