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Dealing with a Death

The Government has set out guidance for anyone who has lost someone during the

COVID -19 pandemic. The information is applicable to both COVID-19 deaths and deaths from other causes. Click here to find out more.

Guidance for dealing with a Covid-19 death

 outside of a healthcare setting

According to the Government Website:

If you are a member of the public or a family member and you come into contact with a deceased person who has been confirmed as having coronavirus (COVID-19), or who had symptoms of the infection, try not to come into direct contact with them. Move to at least 2 metres away or another room. Please call the GP (if the GP is not available you will be connected to out of hours) or 111 for further advice. If the death was unexpected and you have not been engaging with the healthcare system regarding the patient’s condition prior to the death, please call 999 and explain the situation.


Guidance for registering a death

The Coronavirus Act 2020 permits the Suffolk Registrars to complete a pre-registration of a death by phone and so avoid the need to visit the office

Guidance for arranging a funeral

Currently, very small gatherings for funerals can continue – but only if they take place within strict social distancing guidelines and through the limiting of numbers attending.

Find out more about arranging a funeral during the Pandemic here.

Marie Curie have provided a useful page on funerals during the pandemic and finding ways to grieve in times of isolation, here.

Take a look at this interesting article about creative approaches to funerals during the current crisis. Speak to your funeral director about this.

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