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Compassionate Communities is a public health approach to end of life care. It is not a new idea.


Neither do we underestimate the vast amount of compassion that exists in our community already. But in the Peninsula Practice area, we are trying to work differently...


In March 2019, the Peninsula Practice was successful in its bid for funding for a 2-year ‘test’ project to develop a Compassionate Community locally, in East Suffolk. 

Our intention is for our Compassionate Community to:

​· Support people experiencing life-shortening illness to live as full a life as possible until they  die.

​· Train and equip local volunteers as Compassionate Companions to support people through end of life, working alongside healthcare professionals.

· Enable people to discuss and make informed decisions about their own end of life, whenever that might happen and however far away that might be.

· Encourage people to talk openly about death so that they can feel empowered and be

confident in their choices

· Remove the stigma attached to end of life - it is part of living.

Project Area

The pilot focuses upon a small geographic area and patient population to test out the concept before scaling up.  The primary activity therefore is to enable this small locality to become “a compassionate community” networked and supportive to each other at End of Life.


The pilot lasts for two years from March 2019- March 2021, with an evaluation scheduled for December 2020.


It received funding in 2019 from East Suffolk Council – Hidden Needs Fund and The Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group.


The Ipswich and East CCG End of Life Programme Board identified “Compassionate Communities” as a new work stream for 2019, on the back of this developing pilot work.The Board receives regular reports on the Compassionate Communities project.

The End of Life Programme Board’s (EOL) membership includes:

  • East Suffolk & North Essex Foundation Trust,

  • East of England Ambulance Trust,

  • local Hospices in Suffolk and Essex,

  • Suffolk County Council Public Health and Adult Social Services,

  • GPs and consultants.


A “Compassionate Communities” Project Steering Group meets every two months to ensure the pilot is delivering against its milestones, and that the evaluation is built in from the start.

A subgroup drives activity under two of the Compassionate Communities project aims by adopting creative approaches to improve death literacy and reducing stigma at end of life. It does this by:

  • Capturing best practice globally, what’s happening locally, or has happened in the past, and seeks to build upon this

  • Developing activity with other voluntary sector organisations or community groups either by

    • direct commissioning/ grant funding or

    • by direct delivery, utilising existing skills and resources within the Compassionate communities project



Compassionate Communities Project Manager

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