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Compassionate Companions

Our Compassionate Companions offer non-medical support, with kindness and compassion, to support the best quality of life possible

This can be a consistent, flexible presence, over a period of time.

They can also provide more specific information to support you to discuss and record your wishes with your loved ones


A Compassionate Companion is a local volunteer in your community.

They have had an enhanced DBS check and undergo training to help people at End of Life.

Compassionate Companions are managed by your GP practice.


They are part of the wider team of health and care professionals working with you.

Please note that during the Covid-19 Pandemic, some of the activities below are not possible (including practical face-to-face support).

Alternative support methods, like telephone contact, will be arranged.

If you know someone who would benefit from telephone support at this time, please fill in the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.


Offer practical support including

  • help with small tasks; walk your dog

  • come with you to appointments or social events

  • read aloud to you


Listen to you:

  • spend time with you

  • help you feel safe and at peace


Tell you about local support groups, then:

  • help you live your life as fully as possible;

  • help you get to know the people in these groups


Support you and your loved ones to think about your wishes, including:

  • how you want to live until you die

  • what you need at the end of your life

  • where you want to be cared for

  • making plans, advance statements and important decisions


Offer support to you and those around you during the dying phase:

  • they will see the signs that death is near

  • be ready to bring comfort physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • work alongside professionals


Offer comfort, information and support to the family after death:

  • help them know about what to do next and when


We can provide a Compassionate Companion for someone with a life-shortening illness approaching end of life.


If you or someone you know has been informed that their life is not expected to continue more than the next twelve months, then a Compassionate Companion might be able to offer support.


In the first instance, contact the Compassionate Communities Project Manager by completing the Contact Form below.


Thanks for submitting!

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