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Privacy Policy

Compassionate Communities is a local community project managed and supervised by the Peninsula GP Practice (Alderton Health Centre).

You can find our full privacy notice on our website or you can ask us for a paper copy of it at any time. 

We want to explain a bit about how we use and share your personal information when you become involved with Compassionate Communities.


You may share information with your Compassionate Companion, for example, in relation to “My Care Wishes” or information about your medical, social, physical, emotional, or spiritual needs.

Your Compassionate Companion will often be required to share information directly with other health and care professionals in order to carry out your wishes or to make sure that your GP and care records are updated. We will not use your information for anything that is not connected to your care unless we are required by law or you ask us to.

We will make sure you are told about when we plan to share information and you can raise any questions or objections you may have. You can ask to see a copy of information we hold about you and can make a complaint at:

The Practice Manager

The Peninsula Practice

Alderton Health Centre

Mill Hoo



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