How To Start Talking

Some gentle hints over a period of time can help to start a conversation. 

Once you are start you will feel more confident, then there is help to  talk in more detail, as well as to record your wishes. Find these tools here.

Sometimes watching a film, or hearing a favourite piece of music can trigger thoughts and enable you to bring them up in a light conversation. 

Or, sometimes someone else provides you with inspiration, or helps you to use the right words...

'Monsters' - James Blunt (a goodbye to his father)

'Her' - Ann Marie (a tribute to her mother)

Music can be a fantastic way to approach the conversation, even if it's just discussing pieces of music that are special to you, that you would like to be remembered by.

It may be the death of someone you know, their funeral, or the fear of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, that has made you think. There might be positive or negative thoughts.

Either way, grab the opportunity and open up the conversation.

Need some help?

Try playing Question Cards. Marie Curie has produced an online resource here – but a pack of cards can be ordered from them too.

Compassion In Dying also has a useful booklet to help you start the conversation.

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